Mother Nature.

God, science, atheism. This is what humans debate constantly, wherever you go. Yet the real visible force eludes them. They trample over her. Take her for granted. She gives us all that we are and have, and then takes it all away.

While we ignore her we create more malleable alternatives. Such as God and his prophets.

Science is also basic, yet scary in its vastness of the universe and lack of answers. It makes us irrelevant and confused.

We are at a stage where our so called evolution has the power to destroy us, and really piss her off. Yet we are not nearly close enough technologically to escape her wrath. Just like spoiled children with the arrogance that we rule our destiny. She does.

A God made by us and for us is distant yet palpable. He is our creation to comfort us, and us alone. Forget all the creatures great and small whom we pretend to like only for brief entertainment. In God we create the usual boundaries which make us more secure than the unknown of science. We constantly praise him so we can get favors in return.And God’s merchants do very well for themselves in his name. In God we have managed to remain tribal, as we are in every way, with a multitude of religions.

Atheists then are the religion which reject God. And they can be just as tedious as their counterparts. They have no hierarchy but obnoxious believers spread everywhere.

Yet the true ultimate force with the final say is our mother whom we live with daily. Trample her, scar her, try to change her. Basically what mothers go through.

This one’s love is not unconditional. There is no time for that. And all her creatures are equal to her. She is a bitch and eventually replaces us, and all we hold dear. Eventually if we make her mad enough she will discard us as a species, and create a new one. Been done before. We have no choice but to live with her until she tires of us. With her, all things are clear and not within our control. We choose to ignore that completely. We think of gods which we cannot see. Yet we see the real force every minute of our lives. And she shakes us through our lives and throws us away when it is our time. But we can’t think of this as it is not worthy of who we are. We must have a supreme being who can provide an afterlife and tease our imagination. Like the spoiled child, we are rotten, and feel entitled. We don’t even know how to coexist with other beings, much less each other. We coined them as animals to make them inferior and separate to our ilk. Just as we do within ourselves politically with race, color, religion, and the list must go on.

Hope is the only thing we have in life. This four letter word is the only force which keeps us thriving. God forbid we could see the future.

Mother Nature gives us hope, but within the same scope as any other being on the planet. No exceptions. It’s such a shame that the only view into the future which she gave us is the notion of our own mortality. That really sucks. Probably a trade-off for being at the top of the food chain. A reminder that someday she will get us without warning or ceremony.

The party’s over! For every one big and small. Sure would be great not to even be aware of it.