Are we not going towards globalization, and isn’t that a good thing? The new world order, the one block. ‘ Hands across the sea.’ Always great ideas to think we are improving and can be closer to each other than we really are. That we are evolving and understanding each other better. Maybe but not yet. So far globalization has been a stealthier way, the usual political language, to promote the raw capitalist tools, which exploit cheap third world labor. It sounds great because it is supposed to help the poor masses with jobs . It ends up being a more politically correct version of slave labor where you are paid a pittance and manufacture for the developed countries, oblivious to pollution, unions, insurance, etc.

So politics and economics aside, the fundamental flaws remain in that people need approval, familiarity, security, and shelter. They are not really open minded but still very tribal in their real evolutionary capacity to feel secure.

We have more information available to us now but one must know how to get it. The U.S. mainstream media has become more isolated and two dimensional towards the tribal way of thinking. One can seldom get real internal news except that which affects us. Very few stations are left, and mostly radio, who offer that view.

Globalization is romanticized as a great evolution, but it is too big and incomprehensible for the majority, and ends up not being a social concept at all but one of economic exploitation of the Third World by the industrialized wealthier nations.
This is in truth the politically correct continuation of the dependence imposed on the third world after colonization ended. Backing leaders who will exploit their own country’s resources to provide the wealthier ones with cheap raw materials and labor. The control may not be as direct but you don’t need standing armies and administrations. You leave that up to the natives and just give their leaders the concessions to make them happy. It actually works much better and is less of a headache, especially for the US who is a lousy colonizer.

The human brain is limited in what it can accept and can only remember or feel comfortable with a certain dose of social contact. It can only accept so many numbers of friends. Most don’t really want to be bothered by alien ways of thinking. They want the shelter of their churches, country clubs, political parties, nation states, languages, money, religion, race, and sex.

We have improved somewhat but what is political correctness other than refined prejudism. Words are important and are used to conceal real intentions and motives. Word codes are important to make people feel better about dastardly deeds. Like ‘Special Treatment’, ‘Relocation’, ‘Globalization’, ‘Democracy versus Socialism’.
The other factor rarely talked about is the more people there are in the world, either we will have to find ways, or isolate even more. You must fit in somewhat comfortably. So globalization can only be political.

We are not yet evolved enough and are actually seeking smaller communities as the world becomes overcrowded. So it is the reverse because it becomes intolerable.

So with all the information at our disposal our mindset has not evolved to where it can accept the mindset of different cultures, as it can be overwhelming, and frankly not interesting to most how other part of the world think. This is very true of religion where it makes people feel more comfortable in putting complex issues into manageable clear categories. It is indeed a blessing if one can believe in such simple order and an afterlife.

Tribalism is still the pivotal part of our psyche no matter how modern we think we have become. This is the constant gap between technological evolution and the ability to control it. The younger generation is more tolerant, yes. Of course there are improvements growing up in a multiracial society, but in the world as a whole conflicts continue. Besides finding comfort in a subculture in order not to get lost is more a fact in the U.S. today.

Globalization is therefore the modern or politically correct way in which the wealthy tribes exploit the poor ones, and nothing more. It is not about reaching out across the seas to better appreciate and know each other, but about modern economic exploitation.

Certain things improve in some ways slowly, while the deception also evolves in more sophisticated ways. Because the core of basic human and animal behaviors do not change that quickly and wont. So technology will continue to accelerate beyond our capacity to curb its power of destruction away from our basic instincts. And we will continue to have access to world markets for cheap modern slave labor, and the modern corporate media will make it sound positive.

Like political correctness it is all these terms which are created to sound so appealing, cultured, and compassionate, and hide the real motives. History does repeat itself but of course with different formulas of more sophisticated forms of deception. This is where the real evolution lies.

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