The words “Never Again” engraved on the walls of Nazi concentration camps were not just meant as reminders of Nazi atrocities but also as a warning for future generations against the primitive thinking and horrifying racist policies that intolerance and nationalism generates.

The same factors that held true to Nazi policies and philosophy, and the futile attempts at appeasement by the Western democracies before World War II holds true in the present case of Serbia and it’s minions. Although arguments about the present Balkan conflict abound, it is either time to just turn away from the whole situation before we become more embarrassed in the process, or to take harsh decisive action that will swiftly cripple Serbian determination; at least with regards to their genocidal policies in Bosnia.

One must look at Serb leaders Slobodan Milosevic and Radovan Karadzic as slick modern versions of the National Socialist philosophy and we must deal with them accordingly. They have shown the same proclivity for intolerance, deception, and ruthlessness to attain and retain power for it’s own sake with total disregard for any peoples including their own. History has proven beyond doubt that this kind of politician can only be dealt with with extreme harshness. The Western democracies’ appeasement strategies, or lack of such, are being derided and exploited today as they were sixty years ago.

Former US ambassador to Yugoslavia, Warren Zimmermann, and others who know Milosevic confirm that he is a master at duplicity, in portraying his regime as benign, by disassociating himself from Karadzic and the center of the crisis in Bosnia. Recent discussions to suspend sanctions against Serbia in order to assist Milosevic in resolving the conflict once again completely overlook the fact that he is the main architect of that conflict, and further proves his cunning success at playing all sides for his own ambitions.

Under this clear assumption, one way to make Western determination clear would be to shift part of the strategic focus of the Balkan conflict from Bosnia to Serbia itself, since at this point the only thing that would seem to matter to the regime in Belgrade is the bombing of Serbia proper, as it seems a little late to commit ground troops, especially on the scale needed, and in light of the fact that no one has the stomach to see anymore soldiers risk their lives in this already messy situation.

The West can utilize it’s superior air power directly against Serbian strategic centers, like industrial and military complexes. Furthermore, the Western governments must show their resolve to unite in a cohesive force, for a worthwhile common goal that all can agree upon, as they did in World War II and recently in Kuwait. The Serbian policies of “ethnic cleansing” and territorial ambitions should be reason enough to want to rid the European continent and the modern world of such grotesque regimes. That is of course under the assumption that we are not merely concerned about natural resources but also about the plight of innocent civilians. If we cannot commit on that level then we should turn away and find ways to officially funnel arms to the non Serbian Bosnians and let them have a fr figaiht. If we are not ready to agree on a focused strategy, then let’s save ourselves further pain and embarrassment and shut the blinds on the hideous face of intolerance, because intolerance cannot be fought with half-hearted measures. The End.

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